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About our Program

Event Tracker is a live and fully integrated check in and check out program that is as simple as scanning an ID card or selecting the students name out of the list. You will gain a detailed report with time stamp when a student checks into the event and checks out of the event. Fully integrated gives you the ability to continue selling tickets at the door and little to no time setting up your event.

Event Tracker Uses

Whether it is the big game, prom, or any other dance you will be ready to go with Event Tracker. Break out the laptop, tablets or straight from your phone to get the line moving so everyone can enjoy the dance instead of the wait to get in.



With our import module you may use your Event Tracker for things such as checking students into detention or even a check in station for attendance at the big game. With the ability to have multiple stations checking students in and out you will always have the most up to date reporting and entry list.

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