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Available Anywhere

Event Tracker can be used on any internet enabled device by an unlimited number of end users. Once you create your event, simply import an attendee list, or auto-generate a list off attendees based on item purchases. Use a touchscreen enabled device to tap attendees in or out, or a barcode scanner to scan ID cards.

See Attendance in Real Time

Because Event Tracker is web-based, you can see individuals being checked in and out in real time. Attendees appear on your screen in yellow once they have been checked in to the event. The individual will appear in green after they have been checked out. See attendees turn from yellow to green, live, when multiple people are doing the check in/out.

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Run Detailed Reports

Event Tracker gives you the ability to create an unlimited number of events. Each event can have a separate, unique attendee list.

The Attendee Report enables you to produce a list of attendees, as well as the time each individual was checked in and checked out. Export the report to Excel, .PDF, or HTML

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