Account Tune Up

Over time, your Booster Finance account will see a lot of users. Many things have been added or changed, such as new Categories, Fundraisers, Programs, Individuals, and Sale Items. What your current unit needs to display, and how you want it displayed may be different than it was in the past. There are actions you can take to ensure your Booster Finance account is fresh and easy to use for years to come.

Complete the Fiscal Year

1) Make sure all transactions have been recorded through the Fiscal Year, and all Bank Reconciliations have been completed.Complete End of Fiscal Year audit.
2) Make any changes to Receipts/Deposits/Checks/Balance Adjustments as needed, or any corrections required per your audit.

Update "Fundraisers/Programs

Make old, unused Fundraisers/Programs “Inactive”, change Fundraiser/Program Names, or switch a Program to a Fundraiser or a Fundraiser to a Program as required (change the name of the original first to use the same name).

  • How to Inactive/Change Fundraisers/Programs Click Here
  • How to Change a Fundraiser to a Program (or vise versea) Click Here

Update "Category List"

Change Category names, “make Inactive” the categories no longer needed and change the Fundraiser/Program associations to Categories if necessary.

Add any new Transaction Categories that you will be using for the upcoming year.

Check your Budget to ensure all Categories are associated correctly (all active Categories or inactivate Categories with budget amounts will display on your budget).

Update "Tax Categories"

Ensure you have the correct Tax Category assigned to all of your transaction Categories for future tax worksheets.

Update "Admin/Individuals"

Remove duplicate names by using the “Merge” capability.

Update Roles and Expiration Dates for Individuals that need or currently have access to your account.

  • How to Add and Update Users through "Manage Security" Click Here

Update "Item Admin"

In Admin/Item Admin:Change the effective date of any Membership type items to a date within the new fiscal year, to ensure that all new memberships sold are for the new school year.

Remove from Webstore and/or “Make Inactive” any items you will no longer be selling.

Update Inventory quantities.

Ensure your “Sales Categories” are consistent with any changes you made to your category list.

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